“In the absence of a well-documented, comprehensive and permanent source of information on Iran, or formerly and widely known as Persia, that can accommodate many viewers’ needs and wishes we decided to create a source, which could provide information on all aspects of Iranian/Persian history, art and culture. Therefore, in compliance with the needs of those who are concerned with Iran/Persia and its issues, in 2001 “Iran Chamber Society” was founded as a non-partisan and non-profit organization with the aim to promote Iranian culture and history. By actively publicizing historical and cultural findings and issues in a format that is accessible for the world community at large, Iran Chamber Society aims to create a global awareness about Iranian society and eradicate the misunderstandings and misconceptions about Iranian society, and to play an educational role as well.
historic personalities
Iran Chamber Society does its best to be the most well organized and comprehensive online source of information on Iranian/Persian history, art and culture without any membership requirement to access the data. We do believe that “Iran Chamber Society” is a free source of information and must stay away from all commercial concerns. Therefore, we decided not to accept, display, or publish any advertisement in order to be able to focus on the content and the quality of information. The Iran Chamber Society’s mission is not to play a role of a Current Affair Organization as we know plenty of them are available on the net.

Since our resources are limited we need your support, feedback and advice not only to maintain the content of this site on the net but also to help it grow. All suggestions and corrections are deeply appreciated and will go under the thoughtful consideration. Our achievement up to now is relied on the generosity and commitment of our contributors.

Herewith, Iran Chamber Society sincerely invites all Iranian and non-Iranian scholars and researchers to become contributing members and publish their articles and research papers on this platform and share them with the rest of the world.”

History of Iran
This section covers the historic events, history of ancient Iran (Persia), birth of the Iranian (Persian) Empires, ancient Imperial Armies, historic inscriptions, Greek and Arab invasions, Iranian identity challenges, Mongolian invasion, rebirth of Imperial Iranian dynasties, Persian Gulf and its history. Historic movements and revolutions, contemporary history, history articles, historical personalities and photos are featured too.

Iran’s Guide

In this section attention’s gone to Iran’s cities, places, geography, facts and figures, national monuments, flags and national anthem, cities’ dialing codes, government and ministries, Iranian embassies abroad, media and sport. Iranian all times personalities are covered here as well as Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, education, higher education, universities in Iran, Iranian people and tribes.


Iran Chamber Society
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