The 1956 Hungarian Revolution is the third in the “National Security Archive Cold War Reader” series published by Central European University Press. The first two titles were Prague Spring ’68, edited by Jaromír Navrátil et al (1998), and Uprising in East Germany, 1953, edited by Christian Ostermann (2001). Future volumes will focus on the Solidarity crisis in Poland in 1980-1981, and the collapse of Communism in 1989, with separate volumes on the U.S. and Soviet response and the specific experiences of Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland. Those collections are expected in 2003-2004.Generous funding for the Openness Project, of which this publication is one outcome, has come from the Open Society Institute, the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the German Marshal Fund of the United States.

Readers are encouraged to visit the National Security Archive’s reading room at George Washington University’s Gelman Library (Suite 701) to view the original versions of these documents, and the many related materials that are also available. Questions about the series or any of the materials included in the volumes may be addressed to Malcolm Byrne. Publication or sales inquiries may be made directly to CEU Press.


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Laureata con lode in Storia presso l’Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia con una tesi sulla trasformazione delle istituzioni altomedievali attraverso i documenti privati, ho di seguito conseguita la laurea magistrale in Archivistica e biblioteconomia con una tesi sulle biblioteche digitali per gli studi medievistici. Da quegli studi e quelle letture nasce il progetto di condivisione delle risorse disponibili in rete per gli studi storici.

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