“European History Primary Sources (EHPS) is a joint initiative of the Library and the Department of History and Civilisation of the European University Institute. It is also part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library – History that is hosted at the EUI. EHPS is moderated by Serge Noiret and Gerben Zaagsma.

The purpose of this portal is to provide historians with an easily searchable index of scholarly websites that offer online access to primary sources on the history of Europe. As the number of digital archives and collections on the internet continues to grow, maintaining an overview becomes increasingly difficult. We strive to fill that gap by listing the most important collections of digitised primary sources for the history of Europe, either as a whole or for individual countries. EHPS is updated continuously and we invite all users to send us their suggestions for websites to include. This portal was made with the open source content management system Drupal using the Zen theme. The site is best viewed with Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7. Opera, Google Chrome, Camino and Omniweb also work well but IE 6 is not recommended. For general feedback and questions please contact us here. For any technical questions or feedback on the design you can contact Gerben Zaagsma, who built and maintains the website. The project is coordinated by Serge Noiret, History Information Specialist at the EUI Library.”


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Laureata all’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia in Storia e in Archivistica e biblioteconomia, si interessa di ricerca e valutazione delle risorse web per gli Studi Storici, progettazione e promozione della conoscenza storica attraverso le nuove tecnologie.

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