“The Times Archive is a searchable database of 200 years of The Times newspaper, from its launch in 1785 until 1985, covering events from the French Revolution and the American Civil War though to the two World Wars of the twentieth century, as well as the great civil and political movements, crime, culture, exploration and adventure. Every page of The Times has been scanned and digitized, the contents broken down into articles, photos and advertisements and the text extracted, so that the entire Archive is searchable, by keyword as well as dates.

The newspapers are displayed as digital images of the original pages, but with the text slightly enlarged so that even the earliest pages, with their archaic fonts and spellings, are comfortably readable. The pages can also be viewed as full-page or half-page images.

Over the next months, we’ll be adding The Times post-1985, as well as The Sunday Times from its launch in 1822.”

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Laureata all’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia in Storia e in Archivistica e biblioteconomia, si interessa di ricerca e valutazione delle risorse web per gli Studi Storici, progettazione e promozione della conoscenza storica attraverso le nuove tecnologie.

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