Tabularia. Sources écrites de la Normandie médiévale (Tabularia. Written Sources of Medieval Normandy) is an online journal which is freely accessible on the CRAHM website hosted by the University of Caen network.

Tabularia aims at studying the medieval written sources of Normandy. It was launched in order to give instant access to available information on the topic. This journal also aims at fostering a debate around the proposed dossiers by allowing exchanges to take place between readers and authors. Ultimately, it also devotes much space to the circulation and publication of written documentary sources, whether published or unpublished. The scientific validity of the information content is guaranteed by the presence of an editorial board and by cross-reading of submitted contributions.

Each issue consists of a dossier focussing on a defined theme. In order to facilitate exchanges, a discussion forum has been opened, the journal reserving the right to publish comments sent. Other headings will include publications (“documents”), the “column”, and “links” to other sites. Supplementary contributions using other media (on paper or CD) will also be provided for.

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Laureata all’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia in Storia e in Archivistica e biblioteconomia, si interessa di ricerca e valutazione delle risorse web per gli Studi Storici, progettazione e promozione della conoscenza storica attraverso le nuove tecnologie.

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