“On Sunday, Nov. 16, The Inquirer began a series that offers a distinctive form of journalism – the nonfiction serial. Each day for the next month, Blackhawk Down described combat from the ground up. The series explored the consequences of sending soldiers into lethal situations where the nuances of policy are quickly lost in combat. Take a look at the background of the battle. These stories were based on interviews with the men who fought in Mogadishu. Specific scenes and dialogue were based on memories of those directly involved, transcripts of military radio transmissions and a review of classified videotape. Mark Bowden has been on The Philadelphia Inquirer staff for 18 years. He has reported widely in the United States and abroad.

His reporting has ranged from science and transportation, to mental health and sports, including coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles. He is also the author of two books, Doctor Dealer (Warner, 1987) and Bringing the Heat (Knopf, 1994). He has been working on Black Hawk Down, the series on the Battle of Mogadishu, for more than a year.

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