My Leicestershire History is a free local history resource containing photographs, films, sound recordings, and books about the history of Leicester and Leicestershire. If you have comments about the archive you can e-mail us at or complete our survey
Fair use of items. The items on this website are made available under a Creative Commons licence. The items are available for your personal use. We ask that you use these materials in accordance with the licence conditions.
Take down policy
My Leicestershire History seeks to retain everything that has been archived, in order to build up a permanent record of materials significant to the historical study of Leicestershire. We do however foresee that there will be circumstances when we will need to remove an item, and/or its associated record (the metadata). These circumstances include copyright violation, plagiarism or libel. Requests to remove items should be made to the project team preferably by sending an e-mail to All requests will be dealt with in accordance with our Takedown Policy.
Prints of originals
We regret that we are unable to supply prints of originals included on this Website. However, we hope that you enjoy the digitised images available.

My Leicestershire History was developed in partnership between the following organizations and was funded by JISC.

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