Documerica was a program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency to photographically document subjects of environmental concern in America during the 1970s. The images were made by approximately 70 well-known photographers contracted by the EPA for this project. Photographers included Danny Lyon, Gene Daniels, Marc St. Gill, Bill Strode, Charles O’Rear, Jack Corn, Tomas Sennett, Yoichi Okamote, and Ken Hayman. Some of the subjects are beach and mountain scenes; urban areas including junk yards, streets, buildings traffic control; Amtrak; air and water pollution; waterfronts; mining scenes; and people. Areas included are National Parks and Forests, Lake Tahoe, the Great Lakes, the Alaskan Pipeline, Hawaii, Washington, D.C. and cities throughout the United States, and Yugoslavia and Austria. This series consists of 35mm color slides and black and white negatives and prints. Exhibits of images from this collection were DOC I which was sponsored by the Corcoran Art Gallery, and SITES, “Our Only World” exhibit sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition Service. These images appear together on the microfiche. Photographs of DOC I and SITES exhibits were reproduced in black and white (412-DAD and 412-DAS). All of the color slides were reproduced on microfiche (412-DAC) for easy viewing. There are black and white copy negatives for some of the images (412-DAB). See temporary card for 412-DAZ which continues in numerical sequence from DA.

Creator(s): Environmental Protection Agency. (12/02/1970 – )

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