At its peak, the British Empire was the largest formal empire that the world had ever known. As such, its power and influence stretched all over the globe; shaping it in all manner of ways. This site is dedicated to analysing the history of the British Empire: The triumphs, the humiliations, the good that it brought and the bad that it inflicted. For better or worse the British Empire had a massive impact on the history of the world. It is for this reason that this site tries to bring to life the peoples, cultures, adventures and domination that made the Empire such a powerful institution. It is neither an apology for, nor a nostalgic reminiscince of the institution that so dominated the world for over a century. Rather, it analyses and describes the vast institution that so influenced the shape of the world that we see today.

This site is not a rigourous academic site! I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes and oversights on my part; for which I apologise in advance! My interest in the subject is purely that of a personal journey of discovery; to give myself a reason to research what I regard as a fascinating subject. I welcome suggestions, arguments, submissions and any personal insights in to this subject matter. The site has been in a continuous state of upgrade and expansion since its inception back in 1996. It is updated regularly, but I am often pulled this way and that by contributors, requests and information that comes my way. Therefore, there are dead-ends and incomplete sections – despite the 5,000 plus pages of information contained on the site. If you have your own suggestions or recommendations, I am always pleased to hear them and will try my best to accomodate any such requests.


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