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Making Digital Libraries Interoperable: Challenges and Approaches, 9 (pm) September-10 (am) September 2010 during the 14th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL2010), 6-10 September 2010, Glasgow, Scotland.
Workshop Focus
The central theme of this Workshop is “Digital Library Interoperability”. Interoperability  is a multi-layered and context-specific concept. It encompasses different levels along a multidimensional spectrum ranging from organisational to technological aspects. The Workshop addresses this challenging area from several perspectives: content, user, functionality, policy, quality, and architecture. Contributions will focus on relevant Digital Library interoperability aspects from conceptualisation at a high organisational level to instantiation at process level, as well as modelling techniques for representing and enabling interoperability between heterogeneous digital library mediation approaches, methods, and systems.

There are some scientific events which address the interoperability problem. However, they address only one dimension of the problem, usually, content interoperability or service interoperability. Our findings show the problem to be much more complex. The proposed ECDL2010 Workshop is aimed at addressing the dimensions of the Digital Library interoperability challenge much more broadly.

The workshop examines current approaches and new research directions for addressing the digital library interoperability challenge from a six faceted approach. The goal of this workshop is to provide researchers, practitioners and digital library developers with a forum fostering a constructive exchange of ideas on interoperability in digital libraries. The workshop at ECDL2009 raised many new questions related to interoperability and conceptualisation of knowledge, this purposed workshop offers an opportunity to take these discussions  further and to reflect on both research conducted in other projects and taken forward by DL.org engaging many of the participants who took part in our 1st Workshop at ECDL2009.

Target Audience
The target audience for this Workshop comprises between 40 and 50 participants from the Digital Library research and application communities as well as other scientific communities interested in developing and managing large interoperable digital library infrastructures. In particular, it is expected that participants from the European community involved or interested in the construction of the European Digital Library (Europeana) will join the workshop.

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