The Baltic Connections project is an international effort to uncover the archives of the common past of the countries around the Baltic Sea during the period 1450-1800.The project aimed at the compilation of an archival guide to materials concerning the maritime relations between the countries around the Baltic Sea, to be published on this website and in three volumes by Brill. This guide focuses on themes such as trade, shipping, merchants, commodities, diplomacy, finances and migration, roughly from 1450 to 1800.

All descriptions of archival materials are now available in a database (see Archival Guide). A virtual exhibition of some of the most beautiful or interesting documents will be shown from around October 2007 onward (see Exhibition). This website also presents a general history of the maritime relations between the Baltic Sea countries from 1450 to 1800 (see Baltic Sea Trade). Furthermore, the website aims at serving as a crossroads of research, scholars and other activities dealing with the history of the Baltic Sea (see Other Research and Links).

The project lasted from September 2005 to August 2007 and was carried out by the National and State Archives of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Sweden (see Participants). The Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands initiated the project and coordinated it (see Colophon).


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Laureata con lode in Storia presso l’Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia con una tesi sulla trasformazione delle istituzioni altomedievali attraverso i documenti privati, ho di seguito conseguita la laurea magistrale in Archivistica e biblioteconomia con una tesi sulle biblioteche digitali per gli studi medievistici. Da quegli studi e quelle letture nasce il progetto di condivisione delle risorse disponibili in rete per gli studi storici.

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